be a part of ittm

looped in® gives you the freedom to pay with your
phone, send money to friends, and get exclusive
deals in and around your campus.

life's better when you're in the loop


pay with your phone

simply enter your PIN and scan the QR code
at any participating vendor on your campus
or in your community
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get deals you'll love

discover great deals, all offered exclusively to
looped in® users. we connect with your phone’s
GPS so you can find deals wherever you are
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send money to friends

using our in-app messaging feature, you
can freely send money to pool rent, split a
cab, or show someone you care

secure every step of the way

we will never store or share any of your
personal information, and all payments are
PIN-protected so your money is safe even if
you misplace your phone

new merchants added every day

join us in welcoming Cookin′ Cafe and Brother′s Restaurant to the loop!


where's the looped in® team?

Watch this space for new events - coming soon!